TRAVEL TAIPEI TAIWAN | National Palace Museum 故宮 #9

So I was actually surprised to hear that Kevin would want to visit the #NationalPalaceMuseum because no offense, he just doesn’t seem like the type. The National Palace Museum in #Taipei is quite a massive museum with displays of artifacts, painting, and sculptures from the ancient #ChineseDynasties. Many found all these fascinatingly rich with history.

What surprises me, though, it’s the virtual reality and interactive elements the museum has added on top of the traditional ways of viewing artifacts. Tugged in the corner is this area which combines the old and the new with some of the newest technology. Of course, if you are like Kevin who eventually found these artifacts dull, you can simply get outside and appreciate the maleficient architecture with deep-rooted Chinese culture.

For more information, please visit:
National Palace Museum #國立故宮博物院
No. 221, Section 2, Zhishan Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111

The National Palace Museum is located in Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan. It has a permanent collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks, making it one of the largest of its type in the world. Wikipedia

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4 Replies to “TRAVEL TAIPEI TAIWAN | National Palace Museum 故宮 #9”

  1. luislovesmusic

    sorry to say this, and i mean no ill will, but…Kevin seems like such a stick in the mud. 2nd time i've seen him, and his attitude seems so disinterested. I personally would be thrilled to be with you almost anywhere. I do like many museums myself, especially history and culture. I do know some Mandarin, but not Taiwanese Mandarin. I know there are differences, hoping not too many, since i'm trying to go in mid- October.

  2. Mark Landes

    I worked in the library as translator and as secretary to Director Chiang Fu-Tsung 1976-78…good times.  My daughter was born during that stay.  We lived in the hills above the Museum…new apartments…

  3. Paula J. Bean

    No flash! No tripod! No selfie-stick! No HTC-RE!

    That jade cabbage is probably the precursor to the plastic foods that the Japanese display in the front of their restaurants.

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