Taiwan Travel Tips!

About to make your first trip to Taiwan? Lianne tells you a few useful tips, such as how to avoid mosquito attacks, where to withdraw money, how to find your destinations more easily, and what to carry with you at all times.

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Download your Chinese/Taiwanese food cheat sheet here!

Basic Mandarin for Travel Part 1

Basic Mandarin for Travel Part 2:

Mandarin numbers 0-9,999

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33 Replies to “Taiwan Travel Tips!”

  1. thorts

    I have a question. We are visiting Taipei in december from australia. I want to use my mastercard debit card at atms there and as far as I can see it will work but I am wondering if my 4 digit pin will work? My bank asked me to find out as some countries require 6 digit pins and I can't find an answer anywhere.

  2. awesamvlogs

    These tips really helped during my trip! Tried wearing shorts the first day, but got bitten so many times… Definitely wore leggings for the rest of the trip. XD

  3. Antonio Maldonado

    I may be going to taiwan this summer, I am about at an intermediate level in mandarin chinese, will I be alright and learn a lot of chinese by then?

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