First Time Visiting My Long Distance Girlfriend in TAIWAN! || Taiwan Travel Vlog 1

After our first time meeting in the Philippines, we couldn’t bear to wait another 6 months so… I booked an earlier flight to cut our wait into 2 months. Going back to February.. It’s V’s first time in Taiwan!! AND MET G’s PARENTS!!! How crazy is that?



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36 Replies to “First Time Visiting My Long Distance Girlfriend in TAIWAN! || Taiwan Travel Vlog 1”

  1. Victor x Grace

    A throwback to our first few days in Taiwan! We hope you enjoyed the vlog ❤ What were your experiences when you meet your partner's parents?? 🙂

  2. Chocolate Ice Cream

    Grace!!!!!!!! 😅😅😅😅😅 I love her smiling 😂😂😂 Sorry Victor I Fall in love with your lovely girlfriend! But, don't worry I'm a girl! I won't steal her! 😂😂😂 jajajjaja

  3. Deadlyduckly

    U guys are like my beaming hope of my ldr relationship right now ! U GUYS LOOK SO GREAT TOGETHER ! I wish u guys the best from netherlands and from singapore

  4. A New Love Official

    This is the first video that I watched from your channel and I loved it And congrats for the very successful first visit, it was really a great place to go to.

  5. Georgia & Erik

    You two look so happy together 🙂 love everything about this video 🙂 great job you guys!!
    Catch y’all on the flip side!
    -Georgia & Erik

  6. 씨샤자나

    I personally love the way she smiles… It means she really loves being with you, coz her happiness shows ☺️ .. I'm in a distance relationship too btw 🤗 and I just watched your video yesterday 😅

  7. Twinkle Koirala

    After a month me and my boyfriend is going to have LDR and I used to have nightmares how am I gonna stay here without him but now by watch you guys videos I think it’s not so difficult.. do update more videos
    Love Nepal🇳🇵

  8. RaynGelique

    Hey Victor I love your editing and transitioning its super smooth and has a cinematic feel to it! We are a Filipina and American couple here in LDR also trying to get the hang of vlogging on our channel.. Good work!! 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🇵🇭

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