Taiwan Beitou Hot Spring Travel Guide

A travel guide for the Beitou Hot Spring area in Taipei Taiwan. Beitou (北投) is famous for it’s natural green Sulfur hot spring that provides water for bathing in many hotels and public baths in the area. Beitou is a great way to spend a half day when you’re visiting Taipei.

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25 Replies to “Taiwan Beitou Hot Spring Travel Guide”

  1. Reformatt Show

    beitou was epic! I wish I stayed longer, you did a great tour. I ended up staying at Hotel Royal Beitou with a hot springs bath in each hotel room, beyond relaxing

  2. CNVideos

    And there's so much more there too! Puji Temple, Long Nai Tang Hot Spring (oldest running hot spring baths), Man Lai Hot Spring Ramen, and many interesting details of the park itself, such as the historic stone bridges and the spiral drains.

  3. Shel Oui

    How could i have missed Beitou… thanks for your video of this place. Been to Taiwan 4 times but never considered this area

    Here's a list of other really cool places in Taiwan:
    – Fengjia Night Market in Taichung
    – Lavender Forest – Taichung
    – Kenting area – South Taiwan
    – Jiufen – Old village/town – North Taiwan

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