【台灣好好玩】怎麽去墾丁 Taiwan Travel Guide | Kenting Beach Southern Taiwan

Kenting (墾丁, pronounced Ken-ding) is a popular holiday destination in Taiwan for tourists and locals. Come with us on a day trip to this beautiful place – there’s lots more waiting for you here in Kenting!

FROM ZUOYING: The Kenting Express Bus leaves from Zuoying station (which contains both the high speed rail station and MRT station) and takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach Kenting Main Street. You can buy tickets from the Kenting Express Booth at the station (at the top of the escalators just outside the High Speed Rail Station) or you can buy tickets online here ( I recommend buying in advance for weekends, holidays and in peak season (July/August school holidays). The cost is nt300 per person, one way. The website is in Chinese but if you use the Chrome browser your phone/computer should automatically translate the pages – enough to figure out what you are doing. The bus has free wifi and USB charging ports.

FROM THE AIRPORT: There are also buses that leave from the Kaohsiung airport (also known as Xiaogang airport). You can only buy these tickets at the airport. There’s a timetable here: You’ll notice the destination on the website reads “Xiaowan” – this beach is right next to Kenting main street.

FROM KAOHSIUNG TRAIN STATION: Buses also leave from Kaohsiung Main Station although the pickup point is not clearly signposted – it’s behind the MRT station. At time of writing (April 2018) the Kaohsiung main station is under heavy construction and I would recommend just catching the MRT to Zuoying instead rather than trying to find the bus amongst the chaos!

Beware of taxi drivers convincing you to ride with them – the fare is never cheaper than the bus, they will make you wait until their taxi is full of passengers, and the ride will definitely be less comfortable. It’s definitely best to ignore them and get on the bus!

What to do in Kenting

There’s quite a lot to do in Kenting, Taiwan – but it might be a bit different from the beach holidays you are used to. You can:

Relax on the beach – get a beer at the beach bar at Xiaowan ( find shelter under a crag – and if you have kids watch them play safely in the little stream that connects the river to the sea. There are also a range of water sports available here,

Browse the night market ( – this starts at sundown and is reportedly the longest in Taiwan. My personal favourite snacks here are the fried milk and the banana pancake.

Visit the Aquarium ( – I haven’t done this yet but it’s apparently a very good aquarium (just be aware that it’s a bit outside Kenting, perhaps pair it with a day trip to Hengchun town),

Wander around Hengchun old town (perhaps start at Hengchun south gate ( and work towards Hengchun old street),

Swim at Nanwan beach ( – this beach is my personal favourite for swimming and it’s also good for collecting shells and sea glass.

Learn to surf with Afei (who also runs a bed and breakfast):

Enjoy a meal at Bossa Nova ( run by a lovely Taiwanese family and their French daughter-in-law,

See fire coming out of the ground at Chuhuo natural gas spring (

Bird watch at Longluantan (

Eat sushi and ride in a glass bottom boat at Houbihu (

Snap a selfie at the southernmost point of Taiwan (

Check out Sail Rock, a huge coral reef rock that apparently looks like President Nixon (

How to get around Kenting

Hire an electric scooter – for nt600 per day you can hire a scooter to get around. There are many scooter hire stores on Kenting main street. No licence is needed but you do need your passport.

Catch the shuttle bus – a whole day ticket is nt150 and you can buy it on the bus – just say ONE DAY PASS clearly and they will understand. Map and timetable can be found here ( all in Chinese unfortunately. Alternatively, you can just pay with change as you go. The downside is that the buses don’t come very often and the stops aren’t that easy to find.

Taxi – being a holiday area, taxis often do not run the meter but will rather negotiate a fare with you up front. Taiwanese taxi drivers are generally not out to rip you off but you will definitely pay more than in other cities in Taiwan (if you are a westerner you will likely still think the price is very cheap compared to home). In return, you will ride in air conditioning!

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  1. 婷婷的世界 / 婷婷的台灣 Ting Ting's World









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  2. 台灣藍波萬


    1、水果不冰不吃:連香蕉都吃冰的@@~ 台灣的水果很甜,冰過後(冷藏)口感會更紮實,紮實+甜=100分。椰子汁不冰味道不好,冰的椰子汁味道還可以,可以請老闆裝袋拿回家放冰箱冰過後再喝。




    也許婷婷您可以拍個 (各式果汁+台灣養樂多) 主題喔~相信很有趣!

  3. Mia Liao

    I thought as an Australian, you would not like Beaches in Taiwan as much, as I think Australian beach are amazing!! Especially the soft sand, and long coast line! But you are also right about that it’s pretty with mountain and the beach right next to each other. The only thing I would miss about when I’m at the beach in Australia somehow is …the food vendors😂😂 多希望有個烤香腸烤魷魚之類的小攤子。 哈哈哈

  4. 張晁騰

    Hi 婷婷,你住高雄其實不一定住在墾丁,如果要住就是享受晚上舒服的海風徐徐吹來,入門的可以選擇悠活、凱薩這種主題飯店,熟悉後在選民宿比較不會失望。至於墾丁景點,當然第一次去就是影片這些,下次去就不要去嘍!因為人很多,我有幾個建議(自行開車),早上先去東港吃肉粿(台語唸,貴,同音),沿著台17線接台1線到車埕海生館,下午兩三點可以到小灣沙灘,陽光也不會太強,然後到佳樂水,在那有條河叫「港口溪」,入海口有淡水及海水交會處,有沙灘,那裡有人在衝浪,河面上可以撿石頭、打水漂,回程可以再到車埕有個土地公廟(名字想不起來,但是非常大,人人皆知),那裡廟口可以吃綠豆蒜冰(好吃),買鹹蛋皮蛋(不知你敢吃嗎?),到恆春後吃鴨肉(好像叫什麼…村),附近也有恆春夜市,在返回高雄,下次可以試看看。對了不去土地公廟,可以去關山看夕陽,那裡也有攤蘿蔔糕店,不錯唷!

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