BBC – The Travel Show – Taiwan Special

The team travel to Taiwan, an island off the coast of mainland China.
Carmen Roberts visits the ancient capital, Tainan, where she explores a fort originally built by Dutch traders in the 17th century, before heading to Kaohsiung to go behind the scenes at the vast new Weiwuying, the largest performing arts centre in the world.
Carmen continues on to the stunning central mountain range, before ending in Pingxi, where she takes part in a spectacular lantern festival.


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32 Replies to “BBC – The Travel Show – Taiwan Special”

  1. Lily Chen

    Thank you for introducing Taiwan. I am from Taiwan. Little island full of very friendly kind people. Beautiful food, beautiful scenery. I love my beautiful country.

  2. A

    A 24 year old Mexican American , born in Los Angeles. I spend 4 months living and teaching English at an elementary school in the DaZhi area in 2018 while still in college(internship). I loved it . Will go back again one day. I loved Taipei , especially eating skewers and nightmarket food . Visiting Yilan for an epic night of shrimp fishing ahha . Best Club for young college foreigners and Taiwan students is “Triangle” club/bar in Maji Square . On the redline , get off at Yuanshan . Super close . Haha they close at 4am and 3 bottles plus a plethora of shots all for $200 USD split between a couple of us haha

  3. qubit 000

    Despite intermarriage w/indigenous population, TW is over 98% Han Chinese and adheres to the same culture/customs as the mainland, particularly Confucianism (filial piety, ancestral worship, social harmony, etc). Majority of population desires peace, safety, social stability, and economic prosperity. If China can provide that over western style 'democracy,' theyre all for it.

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