Taiwan Travel Vlog: Beitou Hot Springs & explore the city

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We started Gott Love on our wedding day, November 22, 2014. We moved to Okinawa, Japan for a year and a half together, explored as much as possible, vacationed Asia, and then we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada! We love to explore and have big dreams to travel the world full time. Kyle finished a 6-year enlistment in the Air Force in October 2018 and we dove into becoming full-time travelers. We are travel nomads now exploring the world. We love seeing new things and meeting new people and we hope you enjoy our YouTube channel as much as we do! Join the journey of us doing long-term travel and full-time travel and we work and travel the world! Thank you for watching!

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48 Replies to “Taiwan Travel Vlog: Beitou Hot Springs & explore the city”

  1. Annie Graves

    I like how you guys didn't let the weather get your mood down. Some things just don't go the way you planned but you all still kept going and enjoying the trip. Right on!

  2. 葛莉小姐Gloria

    Thank you for helping Taiwanese!! it's really sweet.
    Actually, there is a "gray area" in the station you are allowing to eat, is the place outside of yellow restriction line.

  3. yl358

    It's kinda annoying how you treated Taiwan as a "distraction" before you went to Thailand. You didn't do any of the good stuff that Taiwan is known for – aside from Taipei 101

  4. Alice Zheng

    The number four sounds like "death" in chinese. So, many people don't like the number and will generally skip it when numbering floors and room numbers ~

  5. William Hsieh

    Hotels in many places make you insert your room card in the slot by the door to get power, so when you leave, even you forgot to shut down the light or TV, it runs off automatically, eco friendly dude

  6. Nelson queeseso

    I'm surprised how you guys where looking for wifi connections  on the street. Did you know Taiwan has one of the best free wifi of Asia. You have to sing up online or do like I did by stopping at one of kiosks at the airport to get a code  password. Super easy, excellent signal all the time. I was connected during my whole staying last year, anytime anywhere.

  7. steve sun

    4 is like the number 13 in the US. Its synonymous with bad luck because the pronunciation of 4 in Chinese is similar to how "death is said in chinese.

  8. Lynn Millard

    I feel the same way,Kyle! Modern Art isn't art, as far as I'm concerned! It requires no talent. It really does look like something a little kid would do!

  9. Sande Baulch

    I cannot believe you two went to a McDonalds and Starbucks in a country that SPECIALISES in coffee and delicious foods. The fact that you spent most of the video talking about how you couldn't wait to leave this amazing country makes me wonder why the hell you even posted it.

  10. Chua Eunice

    You guys are cute! By the way you guys got off the wrong station for the night market and your guesthouse. The nearest station is actually called "jiantan station" instead of "shilin station"! Pretty misleading but yeah 🙂 looking forward to more of travel vlogs from you guys! X

  11. frank355007

    Four in Chinese sounds like "dead" in Chinese, so many buildings (especially hospital and hotel) in Taiwan would skip that number while naming the floor.
    By the way, welcome to Taiwan!!!

  12. CNVideos

    You don't need to book a tour to see the rock formations of Yehliu. For street performers, go to Ximen or Tamsui. Oh, and the hotel probably didn't have a 4th floor because the number 4 represents death in Chinese (and Japanese).

  13. Amber Yang

    If you did make some research you would know that there are a lot of things you can do in Taipei. Taiwan is an amazing country with beautiful nature and also city life. Too bad that you did not get to see more.

  14. Kenny Chen

    There is no fourth floor in the hotel because “four” (sì) in Chinese sounds similar to the word for “die/death” (sǐ).
    Some people don't want to live in "fourth" floor so they just remove the fourth floor.

  15. steven guo

    you guys should just enjoy your trip instead of making fuss about everything happened here.Taiwan is a good place to visit,hope you guy can have a good experience in here.btw,we cannot control the weather condition,Thailand rains too,lol.

  16. Khu Kris

    You guys should visit other cities in Taiwan, hope you will visit here again.
    in fact, there are free wifi in MRT or somewhere nearby Government buildings.
    And the Shilin Night Market is not like this before many years ago, there are much better Night Market somewhere.
    Of course the bad weather arouse too.
    Sorry about the bad experience.

    BTW, Thailand is awesome and much cheaper, many of us like to travel there, too.

  17. D. K T

    feel like you guys just pack your bags and travel without any plan to get familiar with new places. I dont think Taipei was boring and suck like that. Many others vloggers has presented all Taiwan interesting things prretty good. Sorry to say that i still keep watching these video of yours because of the male host. He does nothíng but look so handsome and attractive. wanna have sex with him. Lol

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